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Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Situated North East of Srinagar, Kashmir, this amazing area is replete with Adventure, great Food, lot of peace sitting in the middle of the Himalayan range of mountains. Arrive here and each person you bump into would greet you with a " Julay" which more or less means Hi or Greetings ..this is quite amazing because you hardly find such warmth anywhere...For them accepting your greeting irrespective of being a man or woman or a young child, its normal. I found this a great sense and imbibed Culture...Love it ! 

Travel from one corner to another, you will find immense silence and smiling people. Hop into a Jeep and drive to the vast and great Buddhist Monasteries or simply trot in the Leh market , you will love each bit of it in this place also called Little Tibet. 

If you are physically fit, can manage yourself with lesser oxygen, venture out for a trek in the dry Himalayan land, camping in the middle of now where, its amazing, amazing and amazing. For those who love rafting, you have it. 

For those who love relaxing away from the World, go here. We have a campsite which signifies perfect service, absolute luxury, great fresh food preparation. Stay could be for 3 nights or more. Its worth 3 nights for those who only want to be in leisure. 

Luxury Dining at the Campsite

Luxury Suite Tent at the Campsite

Enjoy the pictures, my thoughts and write back in case you need more info or want to go there during the summer of 2018. Wish you all a Happy and Great Sunday

Few more spectacular views of the Luxury Tents we promote. This camp will be open from 15th April 2018 onward and is situated in Shey , Ladakh

Interior View 

4 Poster Bed with Optimum possible Luxury and Comfort

Tents pegged with all snow around...Spectacular !!!

How to get there ...

This camp is pegged at Shey which is at a higher altitude from Leh, the capital of Ladakh. You may fly in from Srinagar or New Delhi or Jammu OR can also drive from Srinagar via the D'Zojila Pass and Kargil or from Manali via the Rohtang Pass, Sarchu. Both the drives are amazing and scenic. If you go once , you would go again and again. 

You may stay for 3 nights here to enjoy the nature, do photography around ( its a paradise for Photographers ), visit Pangong Lake. You must keep minimum 2 days extra stay at Leh to acclimatize because the air is rarefied with less oxygen.

Families with Children can go and enjoy the beauty of Ladakh. Children will have real fun and get educated as well with how life is in such high altitude.

The camp would be opened on 15th April 2018 onward. 

2. Maldives 

Maldives is one amazing destination for couples and families and to my mind its an ideal place for honeymooners as it spreads tremendous romance all around. Beautifully peaceful with the roar of the Indian Ocean waves...lots of amazing food, wines, hard drinks ..hammocks, beach walk , scuba diving etc etc name it and they have it. 

I went for the first time from New Delhi , unfortunately not for my honeymoon but on a business trip and when I saw our plane landing on the Male ( Capital City ) , it was looking so tiny that for a minute I thought we were going to land in the Ocean !! However, when I walked out our Air India plane, Wow ,,an amazing breeze welcomed me. It was so exhilarating and fresh. Arrived at the lounge which was quite busy but as soon as I came out of the airport, it was a delight. Immediately outside the airport you can see the Ocean outside , motor boats and sea planes floating. 

I took the booked Motor boat, a gorgeous boat which was driven by a smart Maldivian was another romantic and adventure ride. The ocean water which was all looking blue all through was a great sight. I loved the breeze and the water slapping the boat heavily at the hull which was such an adventure with pleasure in itself. You would only see yourself and blue waters all around you and nothing else. If you have your loved one with you, being in each other arms during this boat ride would be real romance !

When I finally arrived at the gorgeous resort after a 30 minute ride, warm welcome was awaiting for me with garland and a welcome drink. I was escorted to my Villa on stilts which was amazing...a stunning beautifully appointed room was a delight. Just imagine you walk out your room and only see the vast Ocean all around.

The food was amazing but I must say , Maldives is good for those who like sea food. Not much choice of vegetarian food is in offer.

Cottages on Stilts

After relaxing a bit , I enjoyed a glass of wine sitting on the beach on a silver sand which was just amazing. Ah yes..I must tell you, mobile phones work absolutely well unlike in India. It amazes because you do find any Mobile tower anywhere 😊😊

If you like diving, go for the scuba diving with experts into the blue waters..its very safe and you come across amazing ocean life below. Snorkeling is not so interesting if you ask me. 

To book in advance, you may contact us via Rare Holidays website ( ) which is a Delhi based. You would get a special offer for 5 night stay with all meals and transport services for sightseeing. 


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