Glimpses of India through a Photo Gallery

Sometimes hearing and reading do give details of a place or happening but when you see it, the experience and confidence increases four fold.

Through our website I have given an idea of India as a destination to visit. The pictures are not many but it clearly gives an idea of India and what is it is like...surely it is Incredible. Its a different World altogether. From North to South and from East to West a traveler can find variety in food, culture, language, lifestyle of its people. In addition, one can find a clear and beautiful touch of the modern World, British, Moghul and the Prince or Maharaja touch by way of its architecture in building palaces, Forts, Temples, Churches, Mosques ec etc.

I will share one pictures here and for the rest you could click here.

This is the Beautiful City Palace of Jaipur.

Have a Great Weekend.



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