Indian Food

Indian Food Amazes 

Asia is a very interesting region on earth where one discover huge diversity of culture and so its food habits as well. Generally speaking I stayed in the US , Australia and visited many other Western Countries, loved them but in a few days would start hunting for Asian Restaurants which luckily are there and are certainly a huge draw. For example in Paris, I enjoyed going to a Pakistani restaurant or an Indian Restaurant run by a Gujrati guy at a inside road in  the Place du la Madeleine. Similarly loved an Indian restaurant at the Beverly Hills in LA etc etc .. mind you all these restaurants are pretty expensive too due too its demand. 
My hunting for Indian or Asian food is natural because I am an Asian and eat such food from childhood and I am not at all saying Western Food is not great but Food In Asia are certainly amazing. Those who have not had Asian Food ..try it out. I recommend Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Malaysian food. Do you notice all such cuisines are mouth watering but you have to visit so many Countries to get the real original taste of their food. Yes..I am saying real original state. We in India get Chinese food abundantly in every nook and corner but its Chinese with an Indian touch...Chinese original food taste is different from what we get in India. Conglomerates like McDonald offer Indian style filling in their burgers !! 

If you want to enjoy the taste of varied kind of curries , you should visit India and enjoy the real taste and flavor of Indian food. You know Indian food is easy to make and I think anyone can make it. There are Indian restaurants in London who have hired British Chefs to create Indian delicacies ! As the chefs say..the art of making Indian food is to know the the actual proportion of spices to be used in a dish.

I would love to find a group of people from the west to come to India and would love to organize a  very interesting food specific holiday for them from North to South, organize their travel , show them live demo or organize classes for them to learn the art of creating Indian food direct from the master chefs. 


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