Indian Highway Shacks offer great Food

Indian Highway Shacks ( Called " Dhaba " in Hindi Language)

Traveling by car on Indian Highways is quite a fun in terms of enjoying blunt roadside food in amazing " dhaba " which you generally find in abundance specially in the northern part of India. You will find an absolutely village / rural ambiance with pretty basic seating arrangements. Food is fresh and always prepared in front of you upon order and in some cases you would also find lovely green farms behind the dhaba from where they grow vegetable. You also get delicious Non -Veg food too but they are limited to chicken and mutton generally.

Any destination which I have to travel at a distance of 250-300 Km , I prefer to drive in a Car. Reason is generally the drive being exciting and adventurous cutting through the confusing traffic you find and the great food I get to eat in these wonderful dhabas. Many Indian tourist prefer to try out multinational fast food like #McDonald or #KFC who are also present but I love our old style vintage Dhaba :)
Delicious Chicken Curry, Dal etc

The popularity of these Dhabas are so high that few 5 star Hotels have named their elite restaurant within as Dhaba to attract well off Indian citizens and they are very successful too. This clearly proves how popular these Dhaba is to a Indian. See here a video made by one of the leading and celebrated Master Chefs...Why he is done this video ? Answer I have already given...ITS POPULAR Folks :)  Relish the video friends.


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